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LifeLock Unveils New Measure of Security - WalletLock

LifeLock, with over 400,000 members to date, previously provided security against identity theft via two major features: placing fraud alerts with credit bureaus and blocking unsolicited credit offers. With a $1 million total service guarantee, LifeLock offers industry leading protection.

To this, LifeLock has now added a third major service. WalletLock, the latest in LifeLock’s family, offers to help protect in the case of a stolen or lost purse or wallet. Now included as a standard feature in LifeLock subscriptions, Wallet Lock provides a theft victim with a quick way to begin canceling and replacing all the valuable documents from their wallet with only one call. By calling LifeLock’s toll-free service number, members are connected with a specialist who begins the once-time consuming task. No matter where or when the theft takes place, one call is all it takes to protect one’s bank accounts, credit accounts, insurance information, driver’s license, Social Security information and more.

With 38% of identity fraud originating with the theft of a credit card, checkbook, or wallet, Wallet Lock is the new first-line of defense. Included free to all LifeLock members, WalletLock adds superior protection to America’s leading identity theft program.

Click Here to Enroll Now and Receive 30 Days Free & Pay Only $9 Per Month

At the end of the 30-day free period your card will be billed automatically ($9 monthly / $99 annually) unless you cancel within the 30-day period. You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling 1-877-502-4847. Offer is for new members only.

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